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The Goals  
The Approach  
The Research Team  
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The Approach

The project “Developing Agrobiodiversity” consists of two phases. The first phase analyses the very dynamic that led to the Endangerment of Agrobiodiversity. The economical, legal, and political conditions and their impacts are at the forefront as well as the corresponding stakeholders and conflicts.

Furthermore, the project pursues a stakeholder oriented approach that investigates perceptional measures and action approaches in breeding, agriculture and on the consumer side. Do new requirements of use and a raised quality and health consciousness benefit the diversity of useful plant breeds and farm animal races? What do stakeholders see as practical outlooks for the development of agrobiodiversity? The second project phase will address such questions, e.g. in the framework of expert discussions on agrobiodiversity. Updates about events are available here.

The foreseen timeframe of the project is three years, ending in February 2005. You can find more information about funding here (Link to “Funding”). Are you interested in the results and publications of the project? You can learn more here.